Nov. 30th, 2010

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- See Ozzy Osbourne live in concert.
- See Aerosmith live in concert.
- See Rammstein live in concert.
- Go to Japan.
- Go to Riviera Maya and see everything I can.
- Go back to Germany and actually SEE Germany.
- Go back to Rome, and also travel to other parts of Italy.
- Go to Ireland.
- Go to England - York and London, to be specific.
- Own a double-dome house with a storm-safe basement.
- Live in Texas. I don't know why I want this so much. I mean, I have
reasons, but still.
- Own a coffee shop.*
- Dye my hair purple or blue - and I mean legit purple or blue. I'm not
even sure if this is possible.
- Bungee jump. Or skydive.
- Scuba dive again. It really just genuinely terrifies me, but it was
amazing when I did.
- Go to Egypt. I have always wanted to.
- Go to Greece.
- Go back to San Fran and see Alcatraz and do the Winchester mansion
hard-hat tour, and maybe go to Ghirardelli.
- Eat fugu.
- Have rose schnapps again *swoon*.

There's a ton of things. I don't know why I wanted to post this today.

*There's an old store that's been for sale in Vandergrift for a while by
Allegheny Ludlum. I'd love to buy the place and make it a real coffee shop -
not a Starbucks or a foofy drink place, but like, here is coffee, labeled
small, medium and large, here are snacks, here are deli sandwiches for lunch
and real egg sandwiches for breakfast. I don't know why I want to so bad.
But I do.


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