Oct. 13th, 2010

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I fully intend to see my new part-time business come to fruition. I like
knowing that eventually, I'll make good money with it. What I don't like,
however, is the waiting - and there is a lot of that.

The thing that frustrates me is that the world is full of sex. Everywhere.
Advertisements. Movies. Books. Comedy. Hell, Bratz and Barbie dolls - and
comic books. It's everywhere.

And yet, people are still so afraid. Oh, what if someone knew? What if
someone was offended? How could I POSSIBLY be okay with that?

People go home and have dreams about sex. People watch movies and television
just for the sexual innuendo. Porn is one of the biggest industries out
there. Hustler and Playboy are popular for a reason, y'all.

What's so different about sex toys and lubricants? If you're single, it's a
good way to get the positive benefits from orgasms. If you're in a
relationship, you can spice things up or maybe help with breaking some
boundaries - and sometimes, those boundaries need broken.

It feels good. Sex. Feels. Good. If it didn't feel good, I would understand
- but if sex doesn't feel good for you, then there's probably a problem (and
I'd recommend speaking to a doctor). If it does, though, why not enjoy it in
every way possible?

If you like food, don't you strive to have the best, most delicious food?
Why not have sex that's the best? Plenty of women can't orgasm without
clitoral stimulation, and if you can do that while you're already having
sex, it's a timesaver and makes the enjoyment more intense for both

And lube - seriously, it's more healthy for everyone. Without it, if you're
not lubricated enough by your natural lubrication, you'll have tearing and
excess friction, and that's not good! It's like if you have dry skin or dry
eyes, do you just keep rubbing it and scratching it, or do you put on
moisturizer or put in eye drops?

But people are so afraid. They're so scared. Some people still think it's
all immoral. I figure, the technology is there, and people are going to have
sex anyway, so why not make it better?

And seriously, I've gone to parties with my sister, my mom, and even my
grandmothers - if my 80 year old grandma can go to a party, then not be
upset or judgmental about it later, why can't people in my own age group?

Being open about sexuality and enjoying sex and knowing your own body
through self-love is healthy! It's good for you. It helps you understand
yourself and what makes you happy and what makes you feel good.

Now if I could just convince everyone else of this, it'd make my life much
easier - not just in selling Pure Romance, but in having happier, healthier
relationships with everyone I know.


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