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The problem with writing something that stretches my boundaries is that I
want someone to read it and give me feedback. In fact, I want all the
feedback. But maybe I am afraid that this is beyond my capabilities and
it's not good enough, or it's just trite crap. Maybe when John reads it he
is just being nice or he likes my work because it's mine.

Sometimes it's even harder because not everyone likes the same kind of
stories so they may not like it just because of the genre, or maybe it will
be too risque or too gory or too prose-heavy. And I don't want to send it
to *everyone* while it's a work in progress, but how do I know if I should
keep going? Am I writing just for me or for everyone?

I never know how much to write before sharing with people. What I'm working
on right now has this massive world that I want to build, something
detailed and fleshed out. I have the economy, the culture, the
architecture, everything all slowly building up in my brain to be a
beautiful universe of its own. If I make one misstep I will lose it. I
don't know what I will do if I can't write this one right.

I just feel like I'm on shaky ground. I don't know how much to share and
who to share it with, and I am afraid of the negative feedback I know will
come. I'm just holding my breath.
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