May. 18th, 2012


May. 18th, 2012 11:14 am
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Today, I came into the office and found on my desk a note from a VP at one
of my company's remote locations. On the back was a note, thanking me for
helping her and her admin with creating an organization chart. While I
hadn't been at my desk when she arrived, the guy who sits next to me said
that she was very appreciated. As is appropriate, I sent a thank you e-mail
and followed up with a phone call - and instead of reaching her, I reached
her admin, who I had originally been helping out. She was very nice and
said she was so happy I'd helped her. even without knowing her - noting
that in many workplaces she had been, people were loath to help her if they
didn't know her.

I did this work for her in support of my work with the admin-focused
website I run at work, which I helped to create and for which I act as sole
administrator. It is not really in my job description, and it's not
something that is even that well-known, but a lot of people use the site
and remote admins can go there for information that they wouldn't otherwise
be able to easily access. It is rare that anyone up-top will see this work,
since it's all on the admin level. But, this time, someone did.

It really made my day.


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