Jan. 30th, 2012

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I don't write because I'm good at it.

Writing is an outlet for me, but most of the real "outlet" stuff doesn't
get posted anymore, or even shared with anyone. I've thought of going to
therapy just to have somewhere to talk that I can say anything without
risking offending people or upsetting people or feeling like I have to
censor myself, or because other people have worse problems than me or
because I know how annoying it is. I normally vent by talking or writing,
but that's not why I write anymore.

I write because I need to. Something about putting words to paper is
valuable to me. I share my thoughts with this empty blog, and it's not a
journal anymore but a way to talk about things that mean something to me.

Lately, though, I've had these weird desires to do creative stuff I hadn't
previously been interested in, because I'm no good at them. For example,
I've started painting occasionally. I'm rubbish, but it's a fun activity
and I get to learn how paints work and mix colors (something I genuinely
enjoy is making new colors). I also have been burning to sculpt. I have
done one or two sculptures, a long time ago, and I loved it. They weren't
super awful, but weren't any crazy good thing, either. It just felt good.

I started coloring in a coloring book to de-stress. It is super fun. It's
not very creative and I don't do anything special, but I enjoy it and I
really want to do it all the time.

I wonder if anyone else gets this kind of feeling.
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I rarely, if ever, watch sports of any kind in Pittsburgh. I like a few of
the Steelers - Polamalu & Keisel, and sometimes Hines Ward - but most of
the time it's an "eh" situation. However, Sidney Crosby is the only thing
that ever got me interested in hockey (aside from my interest in people
punching other people). I think Sid is an awesome, awesome person, and
consider him to be a prodigy.


This post reminded me of that. It's absolutely devastating to me that Sid
might not ever play hockey again. He is amazing at it, and he deserved to
have the happiness and success that comes with doing something he's good at
and that he loves. He is a generous person, and I am just really hoping
that he gets better, and that he can maybe play again. It's just not fair
to see a talent like his be lost, and to see someone so fantastic lose his


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